Christianity and Society

What then should be the path of the church in our time? ... The basic theological issue is not between right and left ... not between the sacramental and the prophetic emphasis ... but between those for whom the church is a reality and those for whom it is the institutional reaction of the good and bad conscience ... of the religion of society.  - John Yoder
I pulled this quote from an article by John Yoder entitled, The Otherness of the Church.  I think it's an interesting quote and something every Christian should consider.  Should Christians try to acculturate Christian ethics, and even the faith into the world, politics and legal code?  If so why?  Are doing those things necessary to be the Church?  Does Christianity have to dictate the mores of society?  Is the Church meant to be tied up with politics and State?

Yoder's answer comes lower on the page, "Christian ethics is for Christians".  Something I think every Christian should keep in mind.