The Flannelboard

I want to try something new with my blogging.  The inspiration came from a Systematic Theology class.  Theology is meant to be for the church (i.e. not just theologians) and yet theologians really only write to themselves or at least, write in such a way that only they would be the ones interested in reading it.

So my attempt in this blog will be to write about theology, simply.  No matter how complicated the theologians describe it, I want to explain it here in a straight-forward, simple manner that is not dumbing-down what is really being said.

I have two motivations for this exercise:  First, I also believe that theology is meant for the church but I also think the barrier to most is how theologians present it.  Secondly, it'll be a good exercise to do to get a lot what I have been learning straight in my head.

I hope to blog about other things as well because Breaking Bad and the final season of Lost are starting soon.  But we'll get there when we get there.