Marriage Redefined, Again?

B.C.'s legal system is somewhere between a rock and a hard place.  The trial concerning whether the constitution allows for polygamy (particularly that of a fundamentalist Mormon group) has begun.  The problem is (as I see it, anyways) that the definition of 'marriage' by Canada has already been redefined recently to allow for gay marriage.  I think the slippery slope argument is almost always a bad one, but one of the questions circling gay marriage was, "where do you stop the re-definition once the process has began?"  It's all just becomes opinion.  After redefining the genders related to marriage why not redefine the numbers?

Outside of Christianity and into the world of 'political correctness' the only answer has to be one of 'acceptance' and 'tolerance', where marriage will continually be redefined until it is only a shadow of what it used to be ... or maybe it'll just die off.

Any thoughts?

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