My Rant: Offensive Christianity

I was cruising the blogosphere (on a semi-related note, my computer recognizes 'blogosphere' as a real word, weird) reading articles about how youth need to strive for personal holiness and how being a Christian is 'uncool' because Christianity is about the cross and the cross is offensive.  Until now I didn't really think twice about it because I read it all the time from Paul (1 Cor 1:23).  But can the saying (the cross is offensive) just be copy and pasted from the Bible into our present context with no thought at all?

Can we really take the comments made by Paul nearly 2000 years ago and transport them into our culture as if nothing has changed?  Through out all ages, both that have passed and are to come, has the gospel and will the gospel always be an offense?

I think that 'the gospel is an offense' statement has been made some kind of timeless truth that the gospel would be offensive for all generations to come with often no clear reason other than, "Paul said it".  My issue here is that Paul has a context and reason why he wrote those verses that doesn't apply to us today.  I don't think Paul's message here is that Christianity will always be offensive, so just get used to it, but that God can work beyond the understanding of man - which in this case, is offensive.

It's not necessarily wrong to say that the cross is offensive - but the reasons for that today are not the reasons when Paul first wrote about it - so providing insight on why 1 Corinthians 1:23 could apply today would probably be a good idea ... instead of just assuming.