Review: The Tree of Life (Christian perspective)

There are head-on attempts at bringing Christian doctrine to bear on the life of our society [however] … something less direct and more reflective is called for. - Albert Borgman

A few weeks after Tree of Life was released, movie critic, Roger Ebert tweeted a picture of a small sign posted outside a cinema in Stamford, Connecticut.  The sign encouraged "all patrons to read up on the [Tree of Life] before going to see it ... and [to] please go in with an open mind".  When Michelle and I saw the film on a Sunday in October, right after church, it was hard to ignore that about a quarter of those watching had left within the first forty minutes.  However, this movie is, in my humble opinion, one of the best and also the most misunderstood film of 2011.  It may not conform to traditional story-telling, but if you have an open and attentive mind you will come out of this movie changed or at least with something meaningful to discuss.  My hope is that after reading this review you will take time to watch this movie - even for a second time (or attempt).