How to Get American Content (Hulu, Vudu, websites), in any country.

I've been using Unblock-us for a while now, and I think it's completely worthy of a mention on my blog (like Evernote).

I'm a huge fan of streaming services, I think they are the future of the tv and movie industry.  But, if you are like me and live outside of the USA there is little or nothing to choose from (Netflix is about it).  In comes Unblock-us!  For only about $5 a month and a (very!) simple DNS change I get access to a ton of services I previously had no access to!  Like Hulu, Netflix (USA), Spotify, Vudu, NBC, Fox, ABC etc...

They even have a new beta feature that allows people to switch their Netflix account from region to region.  Very cool feature.

So check them out, they are one price for all their services, it's very reliable and it's pretty cheap: Unblock-us.com