Evernote introduces Skitch integration

Evernote has kind of done what a lot of Evernote users have wanted (sort of).  And it's really not all that exciting.  EN introduced Skitch integration and I had a chance to try it while it was in beta and not limited to premium users.

I am not a premium user, and this will not make me a premium user.  I don't know what EN is thinking, I (personally) do not want integration with other programs, I want EN to annotate my PDFs, because I want them to stay in EN - it is, after all, the note taker.

Compared to my Preview method, using Skitch & EN together is super slow!  This should be the quickest option, and it is definitely not!  As well, for one reason or another, Skitch seems to load the PDF from the EN server, whereas my Preview method loads it straight from the computer.  Lastly, the integration had a lot of bugs!  I attempted (and lost) 3 different annotation attempts before EN and Skitch finally worked together and saved my PDF properly!  By the end of it I had used a good chunk of my MB allowance and time!

If you're looking for ways to annotate PDFs and use Evernote at the same time their Skitch "solution" is a lame duck, and not worth the cost.  Try my Preview method first (for Mac, I don't know Windows well enough to suggest anything on that side of the tracks) - it may not have all the features, but it's fast, easy and it will not lose your annotations like Skitch did for me.

Below (the break) I've pasted my method from the larger, earlier post:

Annotating PDFs

Another reason PDFs are so great in Evernote is that PDF's can be annotated!  I think this method is easier, faster, safer and cheaper (no need for premium!) than using EN's Skitch integration!

Evernote itself will not annotate PDFs, but it is not hard to do.  It's important to open up the PDF within Evernote by (instruction are for a mac): 
  • Right-click the PDF in the note editor
  • select open with..., 
  • choose your PDF viewer/annotator of choice (I use Preview)
  • Read and annotate away
  • When you're finished, save.
The saved version automatically saves into Evernote and is synced.  If you did the same process, but opened the original file (e.g. from your desktop) you would have to delete the Evernote version of the PDF then reinsert the updated PDF.  The above way is so much easier!!
    After annotating, if you need to interact with the article further you can do that by typing below the PDF or creating a new note.

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