Someone asks: "Is it Wrong"

Someone found my blog, recently, by searching Google for: "as a christian is it wrong to watch ..."

Blogger only shows my a short line and cut it off there, so I can't see the rest of the search.  I was tempted to answer the question as it stands, but I don't think that it's the right question; as even this partial question is a set up for failure.  I have found that asking "right/wrong" questions about ambiguous areas often creates a sense of self-righteousness and aloofness.

There is always the best of intentions to please God, and it may not happen right away, but eventually standards will come into contact with other standards and judgement will have to be passed.  If the question has only been framed in terms of right & wrong then anyone who does partake (when you do not), is wrong.  I came across this in Bible College all the time, some would triumphantly proclaim that they didn't (and others shouldn't) watch this or that.  And it was almost never just about them.

Better questions would be ones that steer away from this mindset, but also avoid the "Everything is permissible" thinking, such as:

  • Why am I watching this?
  • Where does this sit on the quadrant?
  • How will this program effect my relationship with God?
  • What does this tell me about life, culture, faith, & God?
  • How can I relate to some of the characters? Why do the characters act is certain ways?
  • What does it say about sin and the fallenness of mankind?

None of these questions ask if watching is right or wrong, and none of them will inform you as to what to watch, but they will reshape how you watch.  Also, there will be tell-tale signs (when answering these questions) that a program is not worth watching, I'll trust that's easy enough to work out.

After answering those (and other) questions, you are now in the position to talk about and critique what you've seen, it ceases to be entertainment in a strict sense and becomes something that you can learn from and grow from.  It stops becoming "mindless".