Christmas Movie Reviews: Jesus Edition

I've decided that instead of watching the usual rounds of Christmas movies, this month I'm going to focus my movie watching efforts on movies about Jesus. And the review them. So far I've only watched Last Days in the Desert (imdb) but I've managed to tracked down:

Son of God (imdb)
The Nativity Story (imdb)
The Passion of the Christ (imdb)
The Last Temptation of Christ (imdb)
Jesus Christ Superstar (imdb)
The Greatest Story Ever Told (imdb)
The Gospel According to St. Matthew (imdb)
King of Kings (imdb)

Which seems to cover all the major films about Jesus within the last 100 years except the 1979 Jesus Film (Ben Hur, The Robe, Risen etc aren't included because Jesus is an incidental figure in those movies rather than the focus). If I do watch the Jesus film it will be the very last one.


Edit 29/12/16:  Well.  That's all the movies about Jesus I was able to get through.  I made the mistake of choosing (mostly by chance) the short ones and just didn't have the time to budget in nearly 3 hours a day to see the rest.

I will likely try to watch The Last Temptation of Christ at some point.  Mainly out of curiosity.